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Viking Baby Booties by sidneyeileen
Viking Baby Booties
The newborn baby booties are made with wool felt and linen lining, hand stitched with pearl cotton. The ties are finger-loop braided.

I drew inspiration for the pattern from Viking shoe patterns from the 9th century to the 11th century.  I did greatly simplify the pattern since they are tiny, and are just for warmth, not walking, running, fighting, and working in.  The most versatile source for medieval shoe patterns that I have found so far isFootwear of the Middle Ages.

The pattern I created for these booties is available to download for free from my website.…
Triskittehs - WIP6 by sidneyeileen
Triskittehs - WIP6
12″x12″ Aquabord, carbon paper transfer, black ink applied with a dip pen

At long last I have made progress inking the Trikittehs piece. I did a little bit of this about two weeks ago, and most of it last night. It took me so long to get around to it mostly out of anxiety and fear. It has literally been three years since I have done line work in this medium, and nearly two since I have done much art at all. I’m very out of practice, and still having difficulty with tremors now and again causing my hand to shake.

That said, it is coming out acceptably well, but not nearly to the standards I prefer to hold myself to. The one place where it turned out exactly the way I wanted it was the cat’s face, thank goodness. Other than that, the lines are shaky and uneven in most places, and required multiple passes in lots of places. Multiple passes means uneven lines, period, because I am widening it to make the overall flow of the line less shaky in appearance. It also make the process of drawing the piece take MUCH longer. In the amount of time I have spent doing 1/3 of the line work, I should have been able to finish the line work. With renewed practice and further reduction of the tremors, I should get there again. I’m not mentioning this because I’m fishing for condolences or complements. I fully realize that a lot of people won’t see the flaws, especially at screen resolution, and I am pretty sure I will like the piece when it’s done. I’m mentioning it anecdotally, to explain where I am at with my artwork, and where I would like to be, and why I will not be completely happy with this piece when it is finished.

For more info and images of this project, please visit my blog, Project Triskittehs.
Blackwork-forehead-cloth-wip4 by sidneyeileen
Flat silk on linen, 16.5″x8.25″

The forehead cloth is outlined with a running stitch in all-purpose black thread, is stretched onto an embroidery frame, the pattern has been drawn in pencil, and I am stitching it with flat silk embroidery floss. The design is created mostly using stem stitch and running stitch.

I have now done approximately one-and-one-half repetitions of the pattern, out of roughly eight total.  I started the embroidery using Soie Ovale flat silk embroidery floss, which I had on hand, but knew I had nowhere near enough to finish the piece.  Instead of ordering more of the same, I decided to order the flat silk from the Japanese Embroidery Center.  The first difference I noticed is that the Japanese silk does not retain a curled shape when unwound from the spool.  It is a much finer quality, with fewer, or possibly just much thinner and more delicate strands.  The total thickness is about 2/3 that of the Soie Ovale, which I actually like better on this design because it means the stitches do not become overcrowded from plumpness when shading the strawberries.  From a distance the difference in the two it is not immediately noticeable, but I do regret that the transition happened at the center front of the forehead cloth, which is the most visible portion when worn.
Blackwork Forehead Cloth - WIP3 by sidneyeileen
Blackwork Forehead Cloth - WIP3
Flat silk embroidery on linen, 16.5″x8.25″

I have started work on a new embroidery project, this one documentable as a project based on Elizabethan English historic pieces.  It’s a forehead cloth which I am blackwork embroidering.  I am also planning to make a matching coif, and between the two of them I will be able to easily cover my candy colored hair at SCA events.  This is also the first thing I am making to enter in the Caid Arts & Sciences Fair and Pentathlon in the SCA, this coming spring.

I am doing the embroidery on lightweight, white linen.  The triangle shape based on the dimensions of extant pieces, so it is 16.5″x8.25″.  I drew it using a ruler with a chalk marker, and then basted the outline with a running stitch in all-purpose black thread.  Then I basted and stretched the fabric into an embroidery frame before copying the pattern onto it.  The linen is thin enough that I could see the pattern through the material without a light box, and I traced it in pencil.  I am stitching it with flat silk embroidery floss. The design is created mostly using stem stitch and running stitch.

For more images and details on this project, please visit my web site

Project: Blackwork Forehead Cloth

Blue Pilgrim Bag - WIP1 by sidneyeileen
Blue Pilgrim Bag - WIP1

I like to keep a hand-sewing or embroidery project going at all times, because pretty much no matter how bad I feel I can sit on the couch and stitch.  I might work slower, but it always feels good to make progress on something.  The local SCA Arts & Science meetings last month were for making bags and pouches.  I only made it to the last week because of my trip to California, but I threw together an easy project to take with me.

I decided to make a pilgrim bag.  It’s a long rectangular scrap of material with a satin/pile diamond pattern, and the shoulder strap is the card woven band I made a couple months ago.  The weaving turned out pretty and even, but it’s very tight, too tight to be suitable for a garment.  Thus, I had been planning to use it as the shoulder strap for a pilgrim bag, something most historical in nature that is large enough to hold purse stuff plus a couple books or a portable sewing project.  I hemmed all the edges of the fabric first, and then stitched it to the card woven band, making the band the sides of the bag.  It is entirely hand sewn.

There are a number of other hand sewing projects (like a cloak) that are on my soon-to-do list, but they all require some figgling around with the iron and/or measuring and cutting pieces of fabric, and I really haven’t felt like doing that.  Thus, after I finished embroidering the scalloped veil I was left only with the pilgrim bag project.  Even hand sewing, this was a very small, quick project, and it didn’t take long for me to get it sewn together.  Originally I had not planned to line or decorate it, but when I got that far and was not feeling up to doing the setup work for any of the other projects, Diana suggested that I embroider the center of each of the crosses, that doing that small thing would help dress it up so it didn’t look quite so much like a hippie bag.  I dotted the centers of a couple rows of diamonds with brick stitch (a medieval period stitch that was appropriate to the woven design of the fabric), and that grew until I had dotted all the crosses on the front flap.  After that I thought it would pop more if I also did brick stitch over the satin areas around each cross, inside the diamonds.  So, what started at out as a super-simple, super-quick project has evolved into quite an embroidery project.  After I finish with the satin areas, I’m seriously contemplating doing gold thread plaited braid stitch down the trellis lines.  I want to practice that stitch in preparation for another project anyway…

BTW, it would have been much easier to embroider had I done that before I sewed the back together.  Plus, now that I will definitely need to line it, that will also be slightly more complicated to do.  At least it’s not as much added complication hand sewn as it would be machine sewn.

Additional photos of this piece (including detail of the embroidery) may be found on my web site at 

Project: Blue Pilgrim Bag


Starting Long-Term Antibiotics

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 6, 2013, 1:31 PM

Starting Long-Term Antibiotics
This morning at 6:30 am, I took my first dose of antibiotics. It will be the first of three today. If all goes well, I will continue to take them on a schedule overseen by my doctor for the next six months. I will be taking monthly blood tests to ensure that the antibiotics themselves don't result in complications. Hopefully the anaplasma infection will be cleared up within that six months, and we won't need to extend the duration of the antibiotics.

So, herx reactions... Well, so far I'm in a damned good mood, and feeling mostly normal. I do have a cough now, and my nose is running a bit. I've also has a weird ringing and pressure in my left ear a couple times that threw my balance momentarily. I suppose just not enough of the buggers have died yet for me to be feeling it much. I'm sure that will change.

Oh, and as for side benefits, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I won't have acne for the next several months.

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